Model Sharing

Models can be shared with other users by their owners (the users who submitted the model) and by users with administrator rights. Users with sharing rights can click the share model icon on the display page, leading to the screen shown below.


By typing in the first few characters of the name of the user that is to be granted access to the model an autocomplete query is triggered, and the repository offers suggestions. When the add button is clicked the user is validated on the server, and if a user exists with that name they are added to the list. The email addresses of the users suggested by DDMoRe Model Repository are partially obscured to avoid the risk of spam.


The list of users on the right specifies the permissions granted to each user. These are

  • read -- meaning users can see existing versions, and
  • write -- meaning users can see existing versions and also submit new ones.

Permissions can also be granted to a team of users. For additional information about team management, please consult the teams page.

The permisions can be modified, or the user's access can be revoked entirely by clicking the remove button.