Model Search

Models can be accessed by browsing through the list of available models, or via the search facility.

Users can search for models using the search box located on the top right of every page, as well as next to the search results on the search page.

Models can be searched based on a series of factors ranging from model name or publication information to therapeutic area or research stage.

The search results can be sorted (by clicking on the column headers) in terms of name, format, submitter and the dates of submission and last modification. The search query is embedded in the URL shown in the browser, which enables users to bookmark search results. More information about the models appearing in the search results can be accessed by clicking on name of the model.

Search results are influenced by the models to which a user has access to. As such, searches performed without signing in will only cover the public models.

Search syntax

  • Use quotes to search for a specific phrase: (e.g. a search for "life cycle management" would not include a model containing the term "management" on its own.).
  • Search terms can be combined using AND, OR, NOT: (e.g. oncology AND NOT "life cycle management")
  • It is possible to restrict the search to specific fields: (e.g. pharmmlTasks:"estimation" OR pharmmlResearchStage:"preclinical development"). Any field on the model annotation page can be used for this purpose.

The table below describes every field that can be searched for. By default, all fields are searched.

To search for Use this search syntax
Modelling context description pharmmlModellingContextDescription
Long technical model description pharmmlLongTechnicalDescription
Model implementation requiring submitter's additional knowledge pharmmlCodeFromLiterature
Model compliance with original publication pharmmlImplementationConformsToLiterature
Discrepancy between implemented model and original publication pharmmlImplementationDiscrepancies
Context of model development pharmmlModelDevelopmentContext
Nature of research pharmmlResearchStage
Therapeutic/disease area pharmmlTherapeuticArea
Modelling task in scope pharmmlTasks
Name of the model name
Description of the model description
Format of the mandatory file -- e.g. MDL or PharmML modelFormat
Name of the submitter submitter
Title of the publication publicationTitle
Abstract of the publication publicationAbstract
Publication Author publicationAuthor
Publication Year publicationYear